Controls Edit

Keyboard Controls Edit

Command Function
Esc Show Menu, Pause game and Saving state. Saving is not always done.
P Pause time.
F1 Settler Information.
F2 Settler Professions.
F3 Settler Equipment.
F4 Settler Preferences.
F6 Save Screenshot.
U Unit list.
W Pan camera foward.
S Pan camera backward.
A Pan left.
D Pan right.
X Unit Action: Halt.
C Unit Action: Idle.
[ Jump to previous unit.
] Jump to next unit.
PageDown Lower depth level, for underground mining.
PageUp Raise depth level.
Tab Back/Cancel/Close
Spacebar Rotate Structure
E Activate
Q Inspect block/unit on cursor.
Up arrow Raise selection grid along z axis.
Down arrow Lower selection grind along z axis.
Left Alt + Left Shift After clicking, removes placed selection grid when turned yellow.
Left Shift + Pan Camera Increased camera speed.
Left Shift + Wall/Fence/Floor Force single line snap selection grid.
Left Ctrl + Wall/Fence/Floor Force single line crenelations.
Left Alt + Wall/Fence/Floor Force border selection grid.

Mouse Controls Edit

Command Function
Left Click Select.
Right Click Camera menu, show/hide active designations
Right Click(held) Rotate camera.
Middle Click(held) Hide cursor and pan camera.
Mouse Wheel Up Camera zoom in.
Mouse Wheel Down Camera zoom out.
Left Alt + Mouse Wheel Up Raise depth level.
Left Alt + Mouse Wheel Down Lower depth level.