The Siegecraft menu gives you access to powerful weapons that are constructed on the map. They are incredibly expensive and complex but worth the effort for their ability kill multiple enemies with one shot.

Ballista Edit



Necromancer Hit

Necromancer Killed In One Shot From A Ballista

The Ballista is an object that is built in the game. It's based on the real life Roman and medieval Ballista, an ancient artillery weapon that shot huge metal tipped bolts.

Crafting Ballista Edit

A Level 12 Engineer is required to craft the Ballista. It also requires 3 Wooden Gears, 4 Rope, 4 Strong Ingots and 14 Strong Timber.

Level Req. Crafting Component
Engineer level 12


3 Wooden Gears

Wooden Gear

4 Rope


4 Strong Ingots

Strong Ingot

14 Strong Timber

Strong Timber

The total levels required to craft the Ballista without buying materials are:

Shooting Ballista Edit

In order to shoot the Ballista you need Ballista Bolts. When these bolts are fired they travel in straight lines with no bullet drop, when the bolts hits an enemy they receive around 200 damage. If the bolt deals enough damage to kill the enemy it will pick them up and carry the corpse with the bolt. The bolts can hit multiple targets dealing around 200 damage to each enemy regardless of how many targets hit before. Ballista Bolts can only be stopped by hitting a solid object or hitting a block. The first block that the bolt comes in contact with will usually break before the bolt stops.

Wolf Hit Damage

Wolf Taking 214 Damage from a Ballista Bolt

Bolt Hit

Skeleton Taking 182 Damage from a Ballista Bolt

Bolt Landed

Landing Place of the Skeleton after getting hit

Aiming Ballista Edit

Aiming the Ballista is not automatic, after the Ballista has been placed you must manually aim the Ballista. The Ballista is aimed by two sliders horizontal and vertical. The Horizontal Slider covers 120° and the vertical slider covers 100°.

Ballista Sliders

Ballista Sliders

Ballista Vertical Range

Vertical Range 100°

Ballista Horisontal Range

Horizontal Range 120°

Positioning the Ballista Edit

In progress

Catapult Edit

Catapults are currently disabled in Beta 1.71. and are not planed to be implemented in 1.8


Catapult from and old version that hasn’t been implemented yet

Robert Reed’s video showing the early mechanics of the ballista and catapult: