Woodstock and stump removal

Storage is required for all items based on their mass.

Storage in Timber & Stone 1.71 uses a global system, meaning that a resource stockpiles gives access to the settlements entire resource storage rather than individual items being stored in a specific stockpile.

This means that you can build as many stockpiles as you wish and your settlers will be able to pick up and drop off items to all of them.

You can use this to make your settlements much more efficient, settlers gathering raw resources can drop off items to a close by stockpile while craftspeople can pick them up immediately from stockpiles built close to their workshops.

Armor Edit

Armor Chest Resource Cost Storage
Level 1 1 Standard Ingot, 3 Timber 20

Weapons Edit

Weapon Rack Resource Cost Storage
Level 1 4 Timber 20

Tools Edit

Tool Chest

Food / Seed Edit

Food Barrel

Food Crate

Fish Rack

Wheat Edit

Hay Pile

Treasure Edit

Treasure Chest

Coin Pile

Wood Edit

Raw Wood Stack

Timber Pile

Metals Edit

Minecart Resource Cost Storage
Level 1 3 Timber 30
Level 2 2 Standard Ingots 40 (+10)
Ingot Stack Resource Cost Storage
Level 1 2 Standard Ingots 20
Level 2 4 Standard Ingots 60 (+40)

Masonry Edit

Masonry Stockpile

Misc. Edit

Resource Crate