There are 4 different options to control the time. These options can be controlled by the four buttons in the top right corner by clicking on them.

  • Pause
    • This is the button on the very left.
    • Allows you to stop time, stopping all settlers, enemies and other entities.
    • You can toggle whether the game is paused automatically upon important events such as enemy sightings in the options window.
  • Play
    • This is the second button on the left.
    • This is the default time at which the game runs.
  • Double
    • This is the third button from the left.
    • When this mode is selected, the game runs at double the normal speed.
  • Step
    • This is the fourth button on the very right.
    • Every time you click this button, it progresses the game a fraction at a time and pauses the game after.

When you are in the Pause, Normal or Double, pressing the pause button (P by default) will either pause the game (if you are in normal or double) or go to the normal speed (if you were in this mode before pausing or upon unpausing for the first time) or double speed (if you were in this mode before).