Brief summary of traits, those marked 'N/A' do not yet have implemented effects. This is confirmed by Ethrel on the forums. Probably will see more on traits in the 1.7 patch which is covering AI.

Hard worker: 1.25x work speed (all but removing stumps)

Lazy: Slower crafting speed than normal.

Strong Back: Can carry more weight without the reduction on speed

Weak Back: Haul less items in inventory before suffering speed decreases, greatly reduces movement speed the fuller the unit's inventory becomes

Bad Vision: -1 Line of sight radius, -8 levels on accuracy check

Good Vision: +0.5 Line of sight radius, +8 levels on accuracy check

Charismatic: Adds +5 to Trader level to maximum of 20. This means that a trader receives the benefits of 5 extra levels on top of their base level in the trader Profession. The 20 maximum means you will not gain any more advantage after level 15.

Courageous: 1.5x Attack Damage, if not Archer, Infantry, or Forager, guaranteed to fight

Disloyal: Higher chance of leaving town at low morale (This trait currently has no effect as morale was replaced with courage)

Over-eater: +2 food eaten every 2-4 hours

Clumsy: +0.2% chance to break tools/weapons, +20% chance to fall off ladder

Quick Learner: 1.25x EXP gain

Cowardly: If not Archer, Infantry, or Forager, guaranteed to flee from enemies

Athletic: Faster movement speed

Sluggish: Slower movement speed

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