Wolves are a very dangerous unit they move quickly and can easily out run most units if there inventory’s are not managed carefully.

Behaviours Edit


A Print Screen of a Wolf

Being wolves, they move quickly and in large packs especially in the later game. They can easily overwhelm individuals or small groups of units, the wolves are most dangerous to units carrying heavy loads, who are far away from the rest of the town, like Miners, Foragers, Herders and especially Wood Chopper.

Drops Edit

Animal Fur Animal Hide Animal Fat
Animal Fur

0 - 5

Animal Hide

0 - 3


0 - 2

Wolves are the best source of Animal hide. This is an important resource as is made into leather by a tailor that can then be used to craft high level weapons and Armor. It is hard to get as it is expensive to buy from a merchant, and the only other way to get it is by hunting boar.   

Strategies Edit

Although wolves hunt in packs they can still be intimidated quite easily the best way to defeat a pack of wolves is to charge all nearby units towards the wolf pack in a large group so that the wolves get intimidated and retreat, whilst they are retreating get your archers to pick them off as they run away, however when hunting down the last few wolves be careful as lone wolves will double back to join other packs if there are any left.